About Us

Jim is an attorney and an author in Philadelphia.

Jim’s first book, DEVIL’S MUSIC, HOLY ROLLERS, AND HILLBILLIES: HOW AMERICA GAVE BIRTH TO ROCK AND ROLL (McFarland, 2016) (Kirkus: “illuminating and intriguing”; Minnesota Public Radio Rock Book Club Selection), is on sale everywhere, as well as featured at legendary Sun Studio and The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Jim’s follow-up book: ROCK MUSIC, AUHTHORITY AND WESTERN CULTURE, 1964-1980, is available NOW through McFarland Books: “Cosby’s vivid, perceptive prose captures the visceral impact of rock music….The result is a compelling look at why, how, and where rock and roll moved us.” -Kirkus Reviews (“Editor’s Pick”); “seminal and ground-breaking” -Midwest Book Review, “[Cosby] expertly weaves together an intriguing and coherent story of rock and roll’s evolution….fantastic resource.” -Library Journal. Jim has also published legal scholarship on children’s rights and the Constitution, as well as writing on music-related topics as a regular contributor to PopMatters since 2013, and elsewhere.